The Meaningful Wedding Study   

Over the past two years, Unorthodox Celebrations has helped almost 700 couples from across across North America find inspiring clergy for their weddings.  It's been inspiring and  heart-wrenching to hear the the stories of so many families and their searches to have a meaningful, personalized weddings.  To meet this demand, our network has grown to over 400 clergy from across North America and from every Jewish denomination. 

Unorthodox Celebrations is committed to helping Jew-ish people and those that love them have meaningful and transformative weddings.  This is why we have commissioned this study.  We know well that every every couple is different - with their unique religious/spiritual/family/financial needs.  At the same time, we are researching best practices for wedding preparation, the ceremonies that help couples find a lasting sense of meaning and satisfaction.  Clergy are taught in their schools which practices and rituals are most meaningful, but no studies have been done to date of couples to discern their experiences.   We are hoping to test our assumptions and then to share these (anonymized) results widely.   

As an incentive to participate, there will be a drawing at the conclusion of the study where one randomly assigned couple will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.  We will have another drawing for officiants, who too will be entered for a $50 gift card for each couple of that participates.  Both folks who found their officiants through Unorthodox Celebrations and those who did not are encouraged to participate!

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Thank you so much for helping to make others' weddings more meaningful! 

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