The Meaningful Wedding Project

In just over two years, Unorthodox Celebrations has matched nearly 700 couples with clergy to officiate their weddings.  To meet a growing demand, our network has expanded to to include 400 clergy from across North America and representing every Jewish denomination.

Unorthodox Celebrations is committed to helping Jews of all stripes and those who love them design meaningful and transformative weddings. Every couple is different - with  unique religious, spiritual, family, and financial needs. This is why we have commissioned this study. We are researching best practices for wedding preparation, to create ceremonies that bring a lasting sense of meaning and satisfaction. There has yet to be a study that seeks to discern which practices and rituals are most meaningful to newly married couples. We are hoping to test our assumptions and to share our findings widely. We are committed to protecting your privacy and all answers will be anonymized.  

By participating in this survey, you will be entered into a raffle to receive a $50 Amazon gift card.  Your officiant will receive their own $50 gift card (if you had more than one officiant, they will split it).  Even if you did not find your officiant through Unorthodox Celebrations, we would love it if you took part in this survey.   

Please share this with friends!  The more folks who participate, the better we will understand the needs of families today.  We hope that this will lead to more meaningful weddings and happier marriages! 

This survey takes about 8 minutes to complete:

Date of Wedding *
Date of Wedding
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Would you consider your wedding to have been: *
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Was your officiant a(n) *
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For the purposes of wedding planning/premarital counseling
If you had more than one, just the total. If you paid for it, please include their transportation and housing in this total.

Thank you so much for helping to make others' weddings more meaningful! 

If you have any questions or comments about this survey, please email us at