Reference Information 

In order to guarantee the folks we serve that they are being matched up with the highest quality officiants available, we are only able to offer potential matches to officiants who have at least 3 reference forms completed on file. At this moment, we're focused on developing our database of officiants for weddings, and accordingly, are focused on helping ensure you complete this step so we can match you up with interested couples - we already have requests coming in!

Please send this link to your references: If you want a sample email to use, please see below.  Please note - for weddings, we are specifically looking for references from couples you've worked with.  We are not currently collecting references for non-wedding occasions - stay tuned!

For more questions, see Frequently Asked Questions for Officiants.

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are well!  I'm writing to ask for your help in launching a new venture I'm excited to be a part of - Unorthodox Celebrations. Unorthodox Celebrations seeks to help folks who are looking for officiants for weddings or other occasions find someone who will help create the kind of ceremony they want - on their terms.  Whether folks are interfaith, same sex, or just want an officiant who will meet them where they're at, Jewishly and otherwise, Unorthodox Celebrations seeks to find the right officiant. In order to ensure the highest quality officiants, Unorthodox Celebrations only matches folks with officiants who have a number of reviews from people they've worked with before. To this end, I wanted to ask for your support in filling out a two minute reference form about your experiences with me. 
The form is at Thanks so much. 

Additionally, I hope you'll check out and refer your friends! 
Thank you,