Highered Holidays Service Leader Match Initiative

 Join Unorthodox Celebrations and Hillel International to match talented service leaders with high holiday openings at Hillels and in other local communities

Want to share your skills leading a community for the high holidays this fall but not sure how to connect? Let Unorthodox Celebrations do the connecting for you! In partnership with Hillel International, we're continuing our initiative, Highered Holidays, to connect talented officiants with Hillels and communities across the country and beyond. Priority matching deadline extended to August 1st, though sign ups will be accepted as long as there are still open positions.  

Basic Information - How does it work?

  1. Potential high holiday leaders submit information about their experience and preferences below.
  2. Highered Holidays sends this information to relevant communities that have submitted a request.
  3. Interested communities reach out to connect, negotiate, and directly hire candidates. 

What is Unorthodox Celebrations? Founded by a Hillel Rabbi and experienced Jewish community professional, Unorthodox Celebrations launched a year ago with a mission to connect with Jews of all backgrounds and their loved ones at key moments of meaning and opportunity and provide an avenue through which to develop positive relationships with Jewish leaders, and with the Jewish community more broadly.   

To lean more about Unorthodox Celebrations and to refer people seeking officiants for weddings and other lifecycle occasions, or to refer an officiant, see *here*. You will have the opportunity to sign up to officiate at other occasions (i.e. weddings lifecycle events) at the end of this form.  

More questions? contact us at higheredholidays@gmail.com.  

Potential Service Leader Information 

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What style of service are you interested in leading? *
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Please list the name, organization, role, email, and phone number of two people who can speak to your experience and qualifications to lead high holiday services (if possible, from 2 different contexts where you've led). We will not reach out, and there is no form to complete for them - this is for communities to call if they so choose.
Compensation Range *
Please select all ranges for compensation you would consider (based on leading all services - partial roles roles would be prorated accordingly). NOTES: This information will help Unorthodox Celebrations to know who to match you with - it will not be shared with potential communities. Amounts include travel.