Highered Holidays Service Leader Match Initiative

 Unorthodox Celebrations and Hillel International together match talented service leaders with high holiday openings at Hillels and in other local communities

Last year Hillel International and Unorthodox Celebrations partnered to form Highered Holidays, a new initiative to help you find the right High Holiday service leader for your campus.  It takes a lot of time and energy to find, interview, and vet high holiday rabbis, cantors, and chazanim.  We found that there was significant demand and sue for a service that does all of this work for you.  If you’re looking for something different or additional to searching on your own, check out this new initiative.  

Highered Holidays has a cadre of vetted, experienced clergy and students, and would be thrilled to take the headache out of finding the person for your community. Fill out the brief form below to get started! Our next matching deadline is August 15th.  

Basic Information - how does it work?

  1. Hillels and communities submit requests for high holiday leaders, and pay the $90 match fee. If we fail to match you with qualified candidates, you will receive a full refund.
  2. Shortly thereafter, Highered Holidays will send along the CV and sample audio files for several vetted candidates who we believe would be a strong match.
  3. Communities are then able to review applications and connect, negotiate with, and directly hire candidates. 

What is Unorthodox Celebrations and who are the service leaders? Founded by a Hillel Rabbi and experienced Jewish community professional, Unorthodox Celebrations launched several years ago with a mission to connect with Jews of all backgrounds and their loved ones at key moments of meaning and opportunity and provide an avenue through which to develop positive relationships with Jewish leaders, and with the Jewish community more broadly.

Service leaders come from our database of over 400 experienced and vetted officiants, and most are ordained Jewish clergy, rabbinical or cantorial students. Though communities are under no obligation to hire any of the candidates we provide, we think you will be pleased with your options!

To lean more about Unorthodox Celebrations and to refer people seeking officiants for weddings and other lifecycle occasions, or to refer an officiant, see here.  

Do you have more questions? contact us via email at higheredholidays@gmail.com.  

Service Leader Request Form 

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